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Herbal Medicine


What exactly is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is also called Chinese Traditional Medicine, or Kanpo (or Kampo) in Japanese. Herbal medicine is one of the major pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. It is often prescribed with an acupuncture treatment. Chinese herbology was introduced to Japan along with acupuncture. The Japanese refined and reworked the original Chinese formulas over the course of a thousand years. Most raw herbs available are imported from China and other Asian countries. The herbs are then processed and formulated by Kanpo doctors (who have studied both modern scientific medicine and traditional herbal medicine) and several major pharmaceutical companies specializing in Kanpo medicine.

How is Herbal Medicine beneficial?

In general, herbology works slowly and steadily by enhancing the body's innate healing power. It is not like a pain killer, which works by suppressing the pain agent. Therefore, it is very effective in treating various internal chronic diseases without causing side effects, regardless of the duration of use. Some of them, of course, work very well for acute cases depending on the ailment.
Since the formula of herbal medicine often makes it possible to treat several kinds of conditions, a single prescription can successfully treat multiple health problems. For instance, one herbal formula can be effective for depression, along with anxiety and stress.

What kind of Herbal Medicines are available?

Tradiionally, Chinese herbs are cooked in water for up to one hour and the resulting thick liquid concoction (usually quite bitter) is drunk warm. Now, Kanpo and Chinese herbal medicines are readily available in forms like pills, capsules, powder, granules, tinctures, etc., for easy intake without losing the original herbal potency.

Dr. Yamaguchi is the first to offer a Japanese line of herbal remedies containing powders that have been formulated to be less bitter and easily disolved in warm water, in addition to capsules that are great for when you are on the go. These are available through Yama's Herbs or call 212.767.0777 to speak with an Herbal Specialist.

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